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Three fans

First of all I admit that the names of my tensegrities are sometimes far-fetched. After a long time experimenting with fifteen struts I had the idea of making this tensegrity, but at that time I didn't think at all about a fan or three fans connected. The only reason I give tensegrities names is because it makes a conversation easier.

a conventional fan

One can see two short movies on films in which this object turns around (and I apologize for the quality of the movies).

tensegrity 053

After seeing this tensegrity someone told me that I had a different style than for instance Kenneth Snelson. After the invention of the tensegrity the technical possibilities in architecture were explored. It was "fashion" to build tensegrities as large as possible with a minimum use of material. Apparently I abondoned this "strategy". I have no problem placing a lot of struts in little space.

tensegrity 054
tensegrity 055
Marcelo Pars