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Links (everything but a complete list), in random order.

Tensegrity wiki: the encyclopedia of tensegrity.
Catalogue of symmetrical tensegrities (objescts designed by computer only) made by Allen Back and Bob Connelly. Sponsored by Intel.
The Kröller Müller Museum in the Netherlands, where one can see (and touch) Kenneth Snelson's 18 meter high Needle Tower.
Photo's and many links by Bob Burkhardt, an admirable man who deals with tensegrities (among a lot of other subjects) for more than thirty years.
Beautiful site about Kenneth Snelson.
Small article in the Science Daily of April 2006 with good hope for a great future for tensegrities.
Site of mu Dutch tensegrity collegue Jan Marcus.
Site by Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos. Hij refers to a lot of other websites.
Architect Alessandro Aiello had a lot of trouble making a tensegrity table.
A small Dutch article by Jan W. Marcus about tensegrities and the Needle Tower.
Dutch article with nice pictures from "the thing" made by 7 students in 1974.
The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) in Brooklyn, New York.
Fifty quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller, including "Tension is the great integrity" and "Don't fight forces, use them".
Site from artist Bruce Hamilton who sells tensegrities.
Nice site about Kenneth Snelson including other links.
Nice little movie in which two hands make a tensegrity ball.
Mathematics behind the tensegrity explained in detail by Robert Burkhardt.
Artist Rinus Roelofs mmakes fake tensegrities.
An exploding tensegrity.
Clear letter by Kenneth Snelson oabout the early days of the tensegrity.
Readably study about tensegrities by Valentín Gómez Jáuregui.
Website about the human body, in which the skeleton and muscles are seen as a tensegrity structure.
Computer animations made by Bob Burkhardt, in which one can twist and turn tensegrities in all different directions.
Tensegrities in the human body by Tom Flemons.
A tensegrity made by Onno van Dokkum.
A site in which Achim Luhn presents tensegrities in a chique manner.
Biotensegrity by Stephen M. Levin.
Amy Edmondson's "A Fuller Explanation": the chapter in which she descirbes the invention of the tensegrity.
Short video about a tensegrity icosahedron: "How a Tensegrity Behaves Under Stress".
Short movie about a 16 feet tensegrity ball.
Nice site about biotensegrity by Graham Scarr
Marcelo Pars